ENGAGE for women starts on 22 May 2015

ENGAGE is a support group which allows participants to listen and share, to improve in their communication and to gain courage to make positive life changes. It is a safe and supportive environment, guided by trained facilitators.

ENGAGE stands for Encouragement, Nurturing and Growth in A Group Environment.

ENGAGE is for women who are experiencing difficulties due to depression, anxiety, grief, relationship and other personal struggles.

Further ENGAGE groups will be scheduled in second half of 2015. For more details see the ENGAGE Brochure.

Engage May 2015

Does Volunteering Increase Odds of Finding a Job for the Out of Work?

In a US study entitled Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment: Does Volunteering Increase Odds of Finding a Job for the Out of Work? (2013) found that volunteering is associated with a 27% higher odds of employment.

The results of this study suggest a statistically significant and stable association between volunteering and employment. The overall association remains consistent across each year of the study period and different unemployment rates, suggesting that irrespective of economic conditions volunteering may add an advantage to the out of work seeking employment

Why do young people volunteer?

From a recent Recruit & Engage Young People Workshop, hosted by Volunteer Tasmania, young people volunteer for a range of reasons.

Some of these reasons are taken from the following YouTube video.

The reasons include: Have fun; meet new people; world awareness; try something new; learn something new; put a smile on someone else’s face; a chance to try something risk free; to give hope and to expand outlook; changes the lives of others; leadership; something for the community and me; meaningful; drives change; has impact; is a want, it isn’t mandatory Free choice; a lot of people working together for a cause; allows me to re-define myself; always something in it for you; emotions you read off people; unique Experience; gives you a new perspective/changes your outlook; creates a bigger picture; brings people together; one thing can make big change; changes your life; opens new doors and opportunities.