Why do young people volunteer?

From a recent Recruit & Engage Young People Workshop, hosted by Volunteer Tasmania, young people volunteer for a range of reasons.

Some of these reasons are taken from the following YouTube video.

The reasons include: Have fun; meet new people; world awareness; try something new; learn something new; put a smile on someone else’s face; a chance to try something risk free; to give hope and to expand outlook; changes the lives of others; leadership; something for the community and me; meaningful; drives change; has impact; is a want, it isn’t mandatory Free choice; a lot of people working together for a cause; allows me to re-define myself; always something in it for you; emotions you read off people; unique Experience; gives you a new perspective/changes your outlook; creates a bigger picture; brings people together; one thing can make big change; changes your life; opens new doors and opportunities.

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