Muster for Mental Health

The Muster for Mental Health is travelling around Tasmania visiting Rotary Clubs and Regional Towns & Cities to bring focus on the importance of sustaining Mental Health research.  Tasmania is the 8th drive segment of the 12 segments travelling around Australia spreading awareness and raising funds to continue research into Youth Mental Health and Youth Suicide.

To learn about the drive route, itinerary, find links to their Facebook page or to donate to this worthwhile cause go to


ENGAGE for women starts on 22 May 2015

ENGAGE is a support group which allows participants to listen and share, to improve in their communication and to gain courage to make positive life changes. It is a safe and supportive environment, guided by trained facilitators.

ENGAGE stands for Encouragement, Nurturing and Growth in A Group Environment.

ENGAGE is for women who are experiencing difficulties due to depression, anxiety, grief, relationship and other personal struggles.

Further ENGAGE groups will be scheduled in second half of 2015. For more details see the ENGAGE Brochure.

Engage May 2015